Alana Kay for Mayor of Maui County

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We need to think like an island!!! Our ecosystem is top priority because, without it we have nothing. We need to:


  • Restore and protect our island hydrology.
  • Establish food security.
  • Insure that Kama'aina are able to live and thrive here by diversifying our economy.


To that end, we need to:


  • Reclaim private water utilities.
  • Implement Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)
  • Diversify our economy with an emphasis on agriculture and value added products.
  • Process our waste and water using updated methods.
  • Build with eco-friendly building products.
  • Pave with permeable surfaces over aquifers.
  • Implement Managed Tourism.
  • Move from a top heavy government to an empowered and involved community that works together for common goals.



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